Welcome to my Page..!

Nikki Elisheva is a three-times-published medical author, with an MBA and BS in Biology and Chemistry and a knack for picking up on the latest health trends. She spends a lot of her time developing delicious recipes and consulting with restaurants in Miami Beach. She is currently working on the publication of her first cookbook. 



...A brief History on Miss' Sweet Belly 

I began my journey as a chemistry student hoping to one day go off to medical school and eventually follow some of my greatest mentors footsteps to becoming a medical doctor. As I was studying in school, I realized many illnesses of my own- one being gluten intolerance. I then discovered many different food intolerances and issues I was dealing with while I was studying for my big MCAT exam. I could barely focus and I couldn't find the right food that would nurture me, so I decided I couldn't go on any further with taking the test. It then made me realize I wanted to get more into preventative and holistic research. I began doing research with medical doctors at Cornell University who worked with Alzheimer's disease and Dementia. They linked many brain fog and memory issues with diet. Not only did I discover how influential diet was, but how unaware we are of what we put into our body. It's hard to think when we usually reach for what tastes the best and what is the most familiar. Once I decided to change routes and further my career in business school, I discovered myself often in the kitchen trying to create my own recipes. I wasn't sure what I was doing, but as soon as my sister, who was living in Los Angeles became a vegan, I decided to do so myself. I realized how light and happy I was feeling.. without killing myself at the gym or starving myself. I began filling my body with so many colorful foods, mainly Whole Foods and how energized I was becoming; I felt as I had always thought was unreachable.


Growing up on Miami Beach, I was always drawn to smoothies, but never really made a smoothie bowl. So while I spent long hours studying, trying to find something that would give me a high like good music, good food and a wild party, I started making my own beautiful bowls. I made rice bowls, smoothie bowls, poke bowls, Mediterranean bowls, any bowl you can think of, I tried to make it. As I was finishing up my business school master program at the University of Miami, I began putting together my cook, 21 Bowls of Summer (coming soon!!!). These bowls snot only put me in a good mood, but helped more than a handful of my peers and colleagues lose more weight than they expected to lose. I hope you all are able to find some joy with these recipes and they are able to make you feel like you're on the beach, even if you are trapped in a tiny New York apartment, sitting by a haystack on a farm, a cubicle by a square screen or wherever you find yourself missing the beach and the slower, easier summer days that we all wish could be with us all year round!