3 Ingredient Snack Bars

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This 3 ingredient energy bar recipe should be made and enjoyed immediately :)

100 calories, no added sugars and ready in just 10 minutes! 

• 3 c @go_raw pumpkin seeds 
• 12 juicy medjool dates .
• 1.5 bars of @lilys_sweets_chocolateoriginal stevia sweetened chocolate .

1. Blend medjool dates with pumpkin seeds until combined (consistency should be sticky) 
2. Pour mix into a lined tray and spread evenly using your hands/spatula 
3. Melt chocolate (I normally add the chocolate to a glass bowl and let it sit over a boiling water until melted. this helps to avoid burning chocolate) 
4. Spread chocolate over green bars 
5. Freeze for 5-10 minutes. Slice into bars 

Serves: 18

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