Green Morning Smoothie

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Green Morning Smoothie 

The best way to start your morning 🌱

I know it can be frightening to make a green smoothie if you don't normally drink green juices BUT this smoothie really is delicious! You can keep adding handfuls of spinach before you begin to taste it. Enjoy it immediately after blending. It will keep you full for at least 3-4 hours. Enjoy 😊

Green Smoothie Recipe: 
• 1 banana, frozen 
• 2 handfuls spinach, rinsed 
• 2 cups water 
• 1 cup of ice 
• 1 mango, fresh 
• 1/2 cup pineapple, fresh 
*blend all ingredients together, pour into a large glass and sip all morning. 😊

**add 1 mini scoop of plant-based collagen (has a green apple taste) for healthy hair and nails**

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