Chocolate Hempies

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Looking for a quick & easy snack? These HEMPIES are packed with protein and a healthy way to fuel your body 🌷 recipe inspo: @earthyandy .

Chocolate Hempies Recipe
- 1.5 c seed/nut butter (used organic PB) .
- 3 c organic brown rice crispies .
- 1 tsp vanilla .
- 1/3 c hemp seeds .
- 1/3 c sticky sweetener of choice (used @lakantosweetener maple syrup) .

Top Layer:
- 1.5 c @lilys_sweets_chocolate vegan dark chocolate chips .
- 1 tbsp seed/nut butter .

How to Prepare:
1. Mix all ingredients together, except the hemp seeds and rice crisps. Once mixed, add the hemp and rice crisps and press into a lined pan .
2. Melt chocolate chips and seed/nut butter. Spread over bottom layer .
3. Freeze for 30 minutes and cut into bars. Store in freezer, Enjoy!!!

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