Papaya Smoothie Bowl

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Papaya Smoothie Bowl 

This smoothie bowl is light and fluffy, and is truly an amazing boost to your immune system! I made this papaya-banana blend this afternoon, and its the best I've made yet. Especially love chilled fruit bowls on hot days like today. 

The recipe is easy peasy and yummy every time, Enjoy!!!

Papaya Smoothie Bowl Recipe

🌱1/2 fresh papaya (remove the seeds)

🌱 1 frozen banana

🌱 1 tbsp vanilla essence

🌱 2 pitted Medjool dates 

🌱 Dash of cinnamon 

🌱 Dash of turmeric (optional) 

🌱 2-3 frozen coconut milk ice cubes (optional) 

*Blend all your ingredients together, serve, sprinkle your favorite toppings & enjoy! 

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