Chocolate Blueberry Bars

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Chocolate Blueberry Bars

These Gluten-free and vegan chocolate bars are perfect for dessert or in place of a protein/cereal bar. High in fiber and filled with whole-grains, eating these for breakfast help stabilize blood sugar levels and keep you from that mid-morning energy crash! I enjoyed mine with a cup of warm lemon tea this morning and had high energy for a solid 4-5 hours!

For nut allergies, swap out the cashews in the blueberry layer for Bob's Red Mill gluten free oats. Delicious. Enjoy!!!

Chocolate Blueberry Recipe

If using nuts, make sure to soak the 1 c of cashews the night before. Fill a glass or container with water, add the nuts and refrigerate. They will be ready by morning! 

Base Layer
🍇1 c Gluten free steel cut oats
🍇 12 Medjool dates 

Blend all ingredients and spread in a bread pan .

Blueberry Layer
🍇 1 c soaked cashews overnight— (or GF oats)
🍇 1/2 c frozen blueberries
🍇 1/3 c melted coconut oil
🍇 1/4 c water
🍇 1 tsp vanilla 
Blend ingredients and spread over the crust. Place in freezer for 1 hour. (**optional add 1 tsp blue matcha for bluer color.)

Chocolate Layer 
🍇 1/4 agave or maple syrup
🍇 1/4 c cocoa powder
🍇 1/2 c melted coconut oil
Whisk ingredients together and pour over blueberry layer. Cover your pan and refrigerate your bars for 6 hours or overnight. Slice layers, serve, and indulge! 

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