Strawberries and Vanilla Chia Parfait

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Strawberries and Vanilla Chia Parfait

Looking for a quick and easy snack to get you through the day? Look no further! This vanilla chia parfait can be prepared the night before, topped with your favorite fruit the day of and packed up and ready to be enjoyed on the go. This recipe is packed with flavor all while helping you to snack the healthy way ❤️ 

It is is one the easiest recipes to make and pairs best with fruits, seed butters, and even. mixed in with smoothies! Enjoy 😋

Strawberries and Vanilla chia Parfait Recipe: 

Chia pudding:
• 3 tbsp chia seeds 
• 1 cup plant milk 
• 1 tsp vanilla 
*stir together in a glass, cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

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