Summer Spring Rolls in Sunbutter Sauce

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ļ»æSummer Spring Rolls

Eat your veggies in these SUMMER SPRING ROLLS! Easy to make and fill with all your favorites šŸ„‘šŸ…šŸ„•šŸ„’


- Rice paperĀ 
- 1 red pepperĀ 
- 1 purple onionĀ 
- 1 mangoĀ 
- handful of spinach leavesĀ 
- 1 large carrotĀ 
- 1 large avocadoĀ 
- sesame seeds (optional)Ā 
- protein (your choice)Ā 

1. Soak rice paper in warm water for 5 seconds, or until soft.
2. On a flat surface, spread olive oil. Set down rice paper.
3. Lay spinach leaves/lettuce down the middle of the paper.
4. Add the rest of your veggies/fruits or protein.
5. Roll the rice paper like a burrito and slice in half.

***lasts 2-3 days covered in the fridge

Sunbutter Dipping Sauce:Ā 
- 1 tbsp lime, fresh squeezedĀ 
- 3 tbsp waterĀ 
- 1 tbsp liquid aminos/soy sauce/tamariĀ 
- 3 tbsp sunbutterĀ 
- 1 tbsp agave/honey

How to ā¤µļø :
1. Mix all ingredients togetherĀ 
2. If sauce is too watery, add more sunbutter or if too solid, add more tamariĀ 
3. Dip and enjoy šŸ˜Š

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