Sunbutter Reeses Cup Nicecream

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Sunbutter Reeses Cup Nicecream

Making icecream can be easy AND healthy. Next time you’re looking for something sweet, check this one out! 😊 

[Gluten free/vegan/dairy free]

Sunbutter Reeses Cup Nicecream:

- 3 bananas, frozen 
- 1 tbsp sunflower seed butter 
- splash of plant mylk (I used almond) .
- 2 caramel reeses cups from @eatingevolved 

1. Blend all ingredients except for the reeses cups 
2. Add reeses cups to mix by either pulsing on blender or stirring in manually 
3. Spread in a small pan and leave in freezer for 1 hour 
4. Scoop, sprinkle with your fav toppings & enjoy!!!

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