Chocolate Sunbutter-Swirl Bars

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Chocolate Sunbutter-Swirl Bars 

I want to start by saying that you must love rich nutty flavors to love these bars and if you do, this recipe was made for you! This chocolate sunbutter bar idea was inspired by several different recipes and blogs.

I had been looking for a way to make raw cookie dough healthy but tasty but also gluten free but not noticeably gluten free, and then I came across this one with chickpeas and loved it! After that, it was just about how I could include crust (my favorite part about dessert) and chocolate into the final treat.  

The cookie dough alone is AMAZING, and if you don't continue with the rest of the recipe I understand!! I figure that by making this recipe into bars or squares, it becomes a fun dessert to pass around with company. 

Anyways, the recipe is DELICIOUS and DECADENT and should be eaten within 48 hours. 

If the flavors feel too rich, try dicing a few strawberries or raspberries on top to break up the richness. 

Enjoy this after dinner time with a favorite coconut ice cream or with a side of fruit. I hope you enjoy 😊

Chocolate Sunbutter-Swirl Bars Recipe:

Crust layer:
⭐️ 24 medjool dates, pitted 
⭐️ 3/4 c unsweetened, shredded coco 
⭐️ 1/2 c steel cut oats 
⭐️ 1 tbsp coco oil, melted 
*blend all ingredients together and press into a lined loaf pan. Refrigerate.

Cookie dough layer:
⭐️ 1 can chickpeas 
⭐️ 1/2 c sunbutter 
⭐️ 3 tsp vanilla 
⭐️ 2.5 tbsp pure maple syrup 
⭐️ 1 tbsp ground chia seeds 
⭐️ 1/3 c @enjoylifefoods mini choc chips *blend all ingredients together and spread over crust layer. Drizzle melted choc chips chips over top. Refrigerate 10 minutes and serve!

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