Raw Chia Jam Cookies

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Raw Chia Jam Cookies 

These raw chia jam cookies have become one of my favorites. I made this on Mother's Day for the first time, and used the leftover chia jam for 2-3 days after. So SO good!! Enjoy the leftovers on toast and spread with other jams or sunflower butter 😊

The steps are fairly easy; all you need isa good blender and fridge to make this raw cookie heaven happen. I hope you enjoy! 

Cookie Ingredients:
- 12 dates, soak overnight .
- 1 c oats (bobs red mill) .
- 1/2 c almonds (can use steel cut oats) .
- 1/3 sunflower butter .
- dash vanilla .

1. Blend all ingredients together.

2. Roll into balls (I used sesame seeds to make it less sticky).

3. Place on parchment paper and press your thumb into the middle of each ball. 

Chia Jam Ingredients:
- Mash 1-1.5 c berries (I used frozen raspberries; leave out to fully thaw) 
- 3 tbsp chia seeds 
- 1/3 c water 
- few squeezes of lemon 

1. Stir ingredients in a bowl.

2. Let sit for 10 minutes out of fridge, and then stir again.

3. Place in fridge, covered with seran until gel-like consistency. 
4. Once chia jam is thick, spoon into center of each cookie. Enjoy 😊

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