Stormy Blueberry Nicecream

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Stormy Blueberry Nicecream is a great way to start your morning or an early afternoon! It makes for a filling sweet-tooth snack, and is packed with good fruits & antioxidants. Make sure to freeze your ingredients the night before so that the smoothie is chilly, creamy and gives you that ice-cream-like consistency! 

Have a wonderful afternoon!! 


Recipe Inspo: @nicecream (instagram)


Stormy Blueberry Nicecream Recipe 

Freeze bananas and blueberries the night before!

- 2 frozen bananas

- 1/2-3/4 c frozen blueberries

- splash of 'milk' (coconut/almond)

- splash of vanilla essence 

- about 1 tbsp flax/hemp seeds (I used flax-- great source of fiber)


Add all of your ingredients to the blender, and blend. Spoon your blend into a mason jar or mug and top with your favorite sprinkles (try our Chocolate Rawnola recipe!) and berries, etc. 


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