Our Recipe for Staying Healthy During Quarantine

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Here's a general rule of thumb if you’ve struggled with making healthy choices during quarantine; choose nutrient dense foods. This encompasses all the foods sourced from the earth. Sometimes it's best to listen to your cravings and gravitate towards these options. Fresh produce such as fruits and veggies, root vegetables and herbs keep it exciting and before you know it, your taste buds change. Whole foods are perfectly packaged with the right calories/fats/carbs/fiber/protein. Nature made it simple and if there’s anything certain about this pandemic -- it’s that sustainability is what we want.

Be on the look out for: 

High Fiber Foods: Be wary of high processed foods with vibrant colors and chewy consistencies. The reality is that your body probably wants the nutrients associated with the colors you're being drawn to. We are animals after all... regardless, high processed foods are mostly stripped of fiber which allows your body to eliminate excess and stay slim!

Bottom line, it’s all about balance. If you want pizza or cookies, enjoy! There’s no doubt that sometimes food is for the soul. However, if you have the option to feel energized and clear, getting into the habit of listening to your body and its cravings means to take control of your health.

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