Why eat a mostly plant-based diet?

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Everyone talks about eating a plant-based diet so what's the big deal? The bottom line to diet theories is the healthiest approach is the one that makes you feel and look your best, long-term. Still the health benefits with eating a plant based diet are great and answered below. 


 1. First of all what is a plant-based diet?

This means eating foods that come from the earth: PLANTS, including vegetables, seeds, nuts, beans, grains, etc. Mostly plant-based includes eating few or no animal products.


 2. Are you vegan? 

No because it’s not how I feel my best. I grew up eating local-sourced meats and I feel better when I have it 1-2x a week (mostly seafood, not red meat) It's important to recognize how you feel after eating or drinking something and then it's easy to make adjustments to your diet.. If you're not sure what I mean here's a few questions to ask yourself:

Is my energy higher? Lower? 

Do I feel full? Am I satisfied or still hungry? 

Am I bloated? Do I feel lazy? 

Can I think clearly? Do I feel groggy? 


 3. Why do you eat mostly plant-based? 

Digestive issues, skin issues, inflammation and chronic stress throw the body off balance. Eating 70-80% plant-based foods gives the body time to heal and regenerate more quickly.

The best example I can give you is trying to sleep after a night of drinking. Your body spends most of its energy breaking down alcohol instead of relaxing and regenerating. Bringing it back to eating plant-based- you're giving your body “time off” from long-digestive periods (when you eat animal protein/processed foods). 

Take care of your health and 90% of your issues go away! Clear, glowing skin, flat bellies and high energy levels are all obtainable. 🤗


 4. What does a normal day of eating plant-based look like?

I start my morning with celery juice. I've been drinking it for the last 5 months and noticed my skin glowing and clear and had almost no digestive issues! Celery juice is not supported by science-approved research however, if your body tells you it likes or doesn't like something, listen to it!  

After, I enjoy a matcha or mushroom latte and eat lots of fresh fruits with coconut yogurt or a smoothie. For lunch, its a smoothie bowl topped with seeds and nut butters or a big green salad with sprouts nuts and seeds, avocados and often a protein (see list below for plant-based proteins) if I’m extra hungry! For the most part, I try keep the first half of my day raw, so no cooked foods or I feel lazy and want to sleep.

For dinner I eat cooked foods like soup, grains (potatoes, butternut squash, cauliflower mash, brown rice, chickpea pasta etc..) and LOTS of roasted vegetables. My energy is highest when I eat or drink greens like lettuce, cucumbers and arugula with most of my meals. As for snacks, eating any fresh fruits or vegetables like apples and peanut butter or a handful of berries, is good and there is no limit to these! Adding whole foods (meaning the only ingredient is the ingredient of the food itself) into your every day diet, is the best way to stay energized, full and satisfied


Plant-based proteins:

- Lentils

- Chickpeas 

- tofu (in moderation)

- Beans, Nuts & Seeds (examples: cashew sauces and creams, hemp seed, black beans)

- Vegetable Burgers (portobello, black bean and quinoa veggie burgers)

- Nutritional Yeast 




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